Editorial Cartoons

I began cartooning back in school, filling up textbook pages with doodles as any front-bencher (for reasons of vertical elevation, not good behaviour) with a back-bencher’s deviousness would to survive the tedium of the classroom. I’ve never trained in an art school or attended a professional drawing course. My first paid job, in 1996, was to illustrate a children’s page in The Times of India, Bangalore’s weekly Newspaper In Education supplement, The Offspring. That was a different time, and a different TOI. It was less of the dishrag it is today.

But it is political cartooning that gives me an occasional kick; it helps me override my innate cynicism and find hope and laughter in subjects otherwise daunting.

What I do comes naturally, although I used to be far better at it. My lines used to be fluid, my eyesight keener, and my craft pursued more risks back when I was younger. What survives is a shadow of my old self, but it remains, I think, competent. My lines are impatient, as you can see. My style is to be strident, punny and eviscerating.

Here’s a Flickr gallery of my editorial cartoons, updated regularly.


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