Hand to Mouth – Foraging in Australia (Outlook Traveller, September 2015)

Urban foraging is the gourmand's new obsession in Australia

Urban foraging is the gourmand’s new obsession in Australia

Australia’s cornucopia of food and drink is brimming over and, like the temptations that Alice encountered down the rabbit-hole, all of it begs to be eaten and drunk at once. While a brave new creed of quirky restaurants is dropping pins on the map faster than our taste buds can keep pace with, the foodie’s true quest remains to seek out exceptional eating outside of the restaurant menu. Forage is the active verb in the gourmand’s lexicon. To celebrate the source, to hand-pick the ingredients, to experience the making and enjoyment of food with all-consuming synaesthesia—that is the sublime gastronomic adventure.

Read more in this month’s Outlook Traveller magazine (still on the stands)

From noshing oysters and wild game to indigenous vegetables and bush tukka, my whirlwind tour of South Australia and Queensland in April was a veritable moveable feast. My story begins with the tour of Adelaide’s Central Markets that I wrote about early this year, and encompasses sipping gin on Kangaroo Island, but it doesn’t stop there. I have yet to shed the pounds accumulated.

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