So your diving machines
your probes
and roaming sonars
have dismissed me
as the stuff of single-malted imagination
laced with swirls of forgettable fear

I have been babbled into legend
whispered into hushed bedtime kisses
my breath has floated over the vales
in a smarmy fog
of word of mouth
and eerie fairy fable

now you doubt
my gills
my lungs
my treasure chest of prehistoric air

watch my inky gurgling gut
slither into your dreams
for daring to cast me
into ingots of imagination

Even if you prowl my lair
you cannot make me go away
I have sunk my teeth
into history’s algal floor
on the shimmering sheet
of the fog-swathed loch
a splash
a tipple
of fish?
a sinuous trunk
of water elephant?
or something else
only in your dreams you can see
and yet silently
be afraid


Nessie, 2003

Nessie was written in 2003 after a BBC team reported, with conclusive arrogance, that there was never such a thing as the Loch Ness monster. Pity.

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