New travel chat #TravelIST begins Thursday 8:30 PM India time


It’s just another travel chat but there’s lots of room in that department, if you pardon that early-Internet-geek pun. The biggest and baddest of them that we in India want to attend take place when we are too numb to stay awake. Which is why, starting Thursday, January 16, @Living_Escaping and yours truly will host #TravelIST, where IST is Indian Standard Time. Very simply, it’s a chat scheduled at a sane time (8:30 PM – a perfect aperitif; or a digestif if you’re the yoga-doing type) for those in the IST time zone but at a not-so-insane time for those in GMT (3 pm) and EST (10 AM) time zones. And if you’re in Dubai (7 PM), it’s a perfect unwind ahead of your midweek weekend.  Our topic for January 16 is one that you will surely have tons to say about: “Travel Dislikes”. Yup, we stole a march over Facebook on that. For those new to Twitter chats, here’s a primer (seasoned tweeps may skip this part and mark your calendars).

  • Twitter Chats are usually tracked using a hashtag. A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a # symbol and is used to index topics and conversations on Twitter (Facebook uses it, too, but it’s not too hot there). You must have a valid Twitter account to participate, pop in a word, or ask a question. The hashtag for this chat is #TravelIST. Enter it in your Twitter search bar and the tweets with that hashtag will show up in your results window
Enter the hashtag #TravelIST in your Twitter search bar to follow the chat

Enter the hashtag #TravelIST in your Twitter search bar to follow the chat

  • You can also follow #TravelIST on twchat. In fact, this is a highly recommended method to make sure you don’t miss a single tweet while the chat is on. If you sign in and authorize Twitter to use twchat, you can participate from here, too, by favoriting and retweeting the tweets you fancy, interact with other participants, as well as follow your hosts and other interesting Twitter travellers. Everything you post from here will appear on your Twitter timeline. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #TravelIST to every tweet
  • Questions will follow the format Qx, where x is a numeral. e.g. “Q1 What’s your favorite memory of a hotel bed? #TravelIST”
  • Reply to questions with a corresponding answer format along with the hashtag; e.g. “A1 I love the smell of the mattresses in Switzerland #TravelIST”
  • If you can’t join the chat (because it’s still an insane schedule for you) but would like to participate, login to twchat and tweet with the hashtag #TravelIST. But we recommend that you join while the chat is on, since our questions are a total surprise (pleasant, we hope).
Sign into Twitter and authorize twchat to participate in the chat without distractions

Sign into Twitter and authorize twchat to participate in the chat without distractions

  • If you’re a Twitter power user, you surely know about HootSuite or Tweetdeck. Search for #TravelIST and follow the chat in a new timeline panel. Remember to add #TravelIST to all your replies and comments or the hosts and participants won’t see them
  • A timeline of the current #TravelIST chat will be available on AFOOT (this blog) to make it easier for you to follow

  • Archived chats along with top tweets will be posted on AFOOT on the Friday following the chat
  • Want to know topics beforehand? Keep apace with #TravelIST on Travelogx
  • Want a prod aka reminder service? Follow @Living_Escaping or @bijoyv and we’ll be glad to do the honours!
  • A note on etiquette: be polite and relevant, don’t troll, and refrain from brazen self-promotion (unless you’re cool with being blocked)
  • And finally, spread the love. The more travellers on this chat, the better, IST or not


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