Snorkelling v/s SCUBA diving – what’s your choice?

Seychelles for Snorkellers

Seychelles for Snorkellers

When you’re in the Seychelles, the compulsion to hit the water and see what’s beneath is a powerful one.

It’s a boat like this one that takes you out to the reef to abandon all fear of drowning and gaze through a mask, sucking air into your mouth through a pipe, at the richness of the coral ecosystem unfolding like a childhood movie. I have not yet gone scuba-diving, but snorkelling in the Seychelles was a first. Since I do not know how to swim, I was strapped up with a life jacket and then made to cling to a float ring, and made to view the reef through a mask. It was phenomenal.

Into that inviting blue

Into that inviting blue

For those still undecided about what kind of plunge to take — to snorkel or to dive — here’s a detailed infographic prepared by¬†Raffles Praslin that will help you make the splash of your choice.

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