Swan Song: How can love resist a rescue?

There's no lock-in period on a long-term relationship, the swans found out

There’s no lock-in period on a long-term relationship, the swans found out

Sorry, this has been a busy week and I’m a little late posting this. But since we’re still in Mush Week weekend, it’s not too late.

Loved making this illustration for Arathi’s story this week about two Trumpeter Swans that discover midway through the monotonous motions of a marriage that theirs isn’t exactly a match made in heaven (or Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky permitting). Here’s some trivia (skip it at your peril): Trumpeter Swans, the largest of the swans with snow-white pelages and ebony-black bills, form very close male-female bonds long before they are sexually mature and these, in turn, become pairs that mate for life. Cool, eh? Childhood sweethearts and such. A significant long-term investment, if one might say so. But that’s wildlife biology. The story, however, mirrors real life.

Here’s an excerpt:

How can love resist a rescue? Buca immediately went into his mating dance. His head bobbed, his wings quivered and he trumpeted like no swan ever had. Zwee, almost as if she was on auto pilot did the same thing. Only when their necks were entwined in mutual commitment did Zwee realise she had already mated for life.

Read the whole story on her blog. And hope you’re enjoying a mushy weekend reinforcing long-term commitments. Ahem.

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