Thailand Beyond Bangkok – A StoryMap


Thailand’s on my mind again. And not because I’m planning a trip but because I’m reminiscing about my trip in July (organized by Tourism Authority of Thailand – Mumbai). We spent a good week or so on the road, and it was exhausting. And shortly after, I was whisked off to Canada and Oman. Now, as I cool my heels, I’m getting itchy feet again. It’s been a whole month since I’ve travelled. A whole frigging month.

Doctor, do you think I’m getting withdrawal symptoms?

So, as I sit here and chew on the cud of memory, here’s a bunch of Thailand reminiscences, all packed up nicely in a Storymap. I love maps. And I love stories. And I’m ever grateful to the good folks at Knight Lab for dreaming up this toy that makes for so many hours of happy mapmaking.

This one’s called Thailand Beyond Bangkok. For obvious reasons. I spent all of two nights in Bangkok, really, and all the rest of the time in Kanchanaburi and Hua Hin, which was in hindsight a lovely way to spend a trip with three busloads full of journalists and travel agents (I had to keep my sanity on a tight leash lest it bounded off into those alluring marshlands of yam and sugarcane fields). On the penultimate night I was too wasted to remember what time I got back to the hotel. Actually, I do remember. I was lucidly sober in the throes of physical inebriation. It was three in the morning and my belly was sloshing with a tankard of beer and three helpings of something on a stick that I ate in Pat Pong (it was delicious).

Hope you enjoy this Storymap. If you do, share like hell.

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