The Great East Coast Road Drive

The Great ECR Drive

The Great ECR Drive

The Great East Coast Road Drive was a first in so many ways.

In August 2013, I embarked on this¬†11-day real-time live-blogging project (backed by Yahoo), arguably the first of its kind in India, from Chennai to Rameswaram along Tamil Nadu’s scenic coastal highway, the East Coast Road. With me was my colleague, photographer Azhar Mohamed Ali. Together, we made a whistle-stop tour of the coast, covering more than one thousand kilometres in a chartered car, live-blogging destinations, experiences and impressions and interviewing people. Posts were updated in real time over 3G via Twitter, Tumblr and CoverItLive.

Here’s a screenshot of the stats

Stats screenshot

Stats screenshot

CoverItLive’s Spencer Kitley interviewed me for a special testimonial published on the CiL official blog. Read it here

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Here’s the complete archive of The Great East Coast Road Drive (I apologise profusely for the image of the Golden Gate Bridge that appears as the cover. I have no control over it and I have no frigging idea how that happened!)

Live Blog The Great East Coast Road Drive

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