I am the founder-editor of The Green Ogre, one of India’s most-loved nature blogs. Started as a solo writing project in 2006, it grew into a vibrant group blog thanks to the contributions of my friends and fellow travellers. The Ogres are Sahastrarashmi, Sandeep Somasekharan, Anand Yegnaswami and Arun Menon. This selection of content includes only my posts. To read more, visit The Green Ogre website and download some cool free calendar wallpapers every month.

  • Watching Butterflies – Field Lessons from Rishi Valley January 20, 2018
    In Rishi Valley, where trees and rocks are teachers, watching butterflies is a highly enjoyable part of the education. Here are field notes from wandering around the school grounds spotting butterflies on the last morning of 2017. The Green Ogre - Nature's layers unraveled
  • Backyard Birding Notes from Kasavanahalli Lake in winter January 10, 2018
    Winter has come to Bengaluru's Kasavanahalli Lake but the migrants are slow to arrive. A few sandpipers here, a few wagtails there and the odd Warbler or Ashy Drongo or two. It's a slow start to winter birding in 2018 The Green Ogre - Nature's layers unraveled
  • Encounter – Yellow-throated Bulbul at Rishi Valley November 3, 2017
    From an apparition to a presence, the endangered Yellow-throated Bulbul regaled us with an appearance on a short birding walk at Rishi Valley. The Green Ogre - Nature's layers unraveled
  • In Borneo, we met the Colugo – the Flying Lemur that isn’t May 6, 2017
    Daytime wildlife spotting in the rainforest can be luckless. But then, walking the coastal trail at Bako National Park, we met the extraordinary Colugo aka the Sunda Flying Lemur The Green Ogre - Nature's layers unraveled
  • Manchanabele – Birding in Bangalore’s extended backyard April 3, 2017
    An unplanned trip to Manchanabele leads to some interesting bird-watching. But also a residue of sadness The Green Ogre - Nature's layers unraveled
  • Flowering Gliricidia is a feast for the Tufted Gray Langur March 8, 2017
    Few distractions can thwart a morning of birding, especially in late winter when it's time to "clean up" the migrants. However, stopping to watch a troop of Tufted Gray Langur feast on flowering Gliricidia at Horsley Hills is certainly one The Green Ogre - Nature's layers unraveled
  • Summer in the Nilgiris – an escapee’s photo-diary April 30, 2016
    While the glens and vales of the Nilgiris cope with a torrent of tourists, the resident and endemic birds have the hills to themselves. There's no better time to observe them nesting and bringing up their families. Without moving a muscle, just to prove that lazy birding does have its rewards. The Green Ogre - Nature's layers unraveled
  • Ranganathittu – revisiting an old birding haunt March 24, 2016
    Many birders shun Ranganathittu for the artifice of its environs and the easy photographic pickings. But the birds seem at home here, and that matters! Here's a photo-essay from a recent visit when the Eurasian Spoonbills had just started to fledge and the Asian Openbill Storks were nesting The Green Ogre - Nature's layers unraveled
  • Winter birding – it isn’t over until it’s over March 7, 2016
    Visiting the same location time and again has been the secret of this year's winter birding escapades. It's March but the migrants are still here. Among this week's surprises was a flock of Garganey, wintering ducks from Europe that I have observed at Kaikondrahalli for the first time The Green Ogre - Nature's layers unraveled
  • Great Backyard Bird Count – it’s a wrap February 15, 2016
    The Great Backyard Bird Count came to a close on Sunday evening, with nearly 70 species surveyed from three lakes in the neighbourhood. A surprisingly decent list for an otherwise unrewarding winter The Green Ogre - Nature's layers unraveled

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