The pigs did not die in vain The little morsels fed the biggest mouths Each tipple Celebrating the usury Of the moment *****************^************** Finally, some food passion. My Instagram timeline has been missing food photos since I went verse-atile. On Friday evening I wound up work and put the finishing touches on 1500 grams of pork chops that, rubbed with rock salt, fresh ground black pepper, paprika and ginger-garlic paste, had marinated for six hours. Then I pan-seared them on low heat with the lid on until they were well done. Then, basting them on both sides with golden honey, Tabasco and barbecue sauce, I seared them lightly. #foodporn #porkchops #porkchop #partyfood #homecooking #homechef #food #delicious #cooking #homecookedmeals #homecooked


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