#TravelIST Archive – Legends and Lore – Sept 18, 2014


What are travel stories without legends and lore to give them wings?

We had an excruciatingly slow start to this #TravelIST chat with such a wonderful topic – Travel Legends and Lore. We can only assume most of us were just spellbound by the myths and legends that we were about to discover. Guest @NomadicThunker did a great job of suggesting the first three questions on the chat. And then we were off. As always, first we feed you the gist – the Q&A. Followed by a sum-up of photos tweeted. And then the whole rambling, uncut chat archive. If you see a tweet you like, you can fave it and retweet it right from here. So don’t go anywhere without doing so!


Join us Thursday nights (8:30 pm IST) for #TravelIST!

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