#TravelIST Twitter Chat 2 – Beyond Hotels – the highlights


Thanks for making the second Twitter travel chat #TravelIST a smash hit! Our topic was Beyond Hotels. #TravelIST is hosted by @Living_Escaping and @bijoyv. Follow us to ensure you are reminded for the next #TravelIST chat on Thursday, January 30. Next week’s topics will be announced at our Travelogx listings page and this blog.

We had an energetic, animated, very visual discussion on hotels, hostels, B&Bs, homestays, caves, caravans… you name it. Some amazing stories emerged. We had penetrating insight into the use of battery-operated hand warmers, how to fix a collapsed tent (or not), how to climb atop a camel, how (not) to choose a homestay and lots more.

Enjoy the chat highlights. And share promiscuously! 😉

A quick note to those who want to be part of the next chat – please tweet with the hashtag #TravelIST, where IST stands for Indian Standard Time, our elastic time zone. We had over 500 tweets to choose from, and many other rogue tweets. What are those? As chats are indexed by hashtag, tweets don’t show up on the chat timeline if the hashtag isn’t used. It took me a full day and a half to chase down rogue tweets (without the hashtag, grrr!) and make sense of incomplete stories.

Don’t forget to favourite and retweet your top tweets of the chat. Until next week. Ciao!

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