#TravelIST Twitter Chat 2 – “Beyond Hotels” Thursday 8:30 PM India


First off, thanks for your encouraging and rousing response to last week’s Twitter travel chat on “Travel Dislikes”. The highlights, if you will, are archived in a nice little Storify fable (read it here).

We had a bit of drama on the chat last week. About three questions down, I found I couldn’t tweet any more. I’d hit the daily tweet limit since I’d been busy RTing. So I rushed into a (virtual) telephone booth, effected a quick change of clothes and returned as my alias @thegreenogre and took over the reins of the chat. But @Living_Escaping was already busy saving the world and I found I was as good as a fly on the wall, a squished one at that. If that happens again this week, be prepared and DON’T ignore me!

This week we have a seemingly tamer topic — “Beyond Hotels” — but we know serious travellers can be equally passionate about something like that. So uncork the adrenalin, the bile and the vitriol. The bar opens Thursday, 8:30 PM Indian Standard Time. Last week, we started on time so expect us to bury our national ‘Stretchable’ reputation.

This week, we are doing something new. To make sure that you can participate in #TravelIST even if you are on the dark side of the world, or if you are at work, or sleeping, or plain bummed from too much Twitter chatting, we’re going to post the first three questions here. There will be more questions, but we’re leaving those for the chat – we must save a few surprises, mustn’t we?

Here are the first three questions for “Beyond Hotels”:

  1. #TravelIST Q1 What are the pros and cons of hotel living?
  2. #TravelIST Q2 An experience when you wished you’d rather stayed at a hotel?
  3. #TravelIST Q3 What’s the most unique accommodation you ever stayed in? Share a photo

How to participate in #TravelIST chat in absentia

1) Leave a comment below this blog post with your Twitter handle and the numbered answer to a specific question, along with the #TravelIST hashtag (this makes it easier for your hosts to tweet on the go)

e.g. #TravelIST A1 Don’t talk to me about hotels. I hate them all! @hotelhater_666 (does that handle exist?)

2) Schedule your tweets using Tweetdeck for anytime after 8:45 pm IST (use this EST to IST time converter or this world clock time converter). Note that you cannot schedule tweets with images using Tweetdeck. To do that, leave a comment (with a link to your image file on Instagram, Flickr, Picasa or wherever you may have it stored).

Here’s a screenshot on how to do it with Tweetdeck (what’s that?).

How to schedule a tweet using Tweetdeck. Note: Tweets with images cannot be scheduled

How to schedule a tweet using Tweetdeck. Note: Tweets with images cannot be scheduled

More questions will follow once the chat is on and the annotated archives will be available here for you to enjoy. Be there. And spread the word!

Do leave your answers in comments. And don’t forget to follow your hosts @Living_Escaping and @bijoyv

#TravelIST begins exactly at 8:30 PM India time on Thursday, January 23. Our topic, just to labour the point, is “Beyond Hotels”. To sum up the possibilities of that, here’s a tweet from my co-host Ankita:

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