#TravelIST Twitter Chat 3 – “Travelling Solo” – Jan 30, 2014 – Highlights


Our Twitter chat #TravelIST hashed about “Travelling Solo” last Thursday. The hashtag #TravelIST was trending on Twitter on the night of January 30. In its third week, the chat had clearly become very popular. We had a record number of guests tweeting in. We also had with us special guest Jay Kannaiyan (@JamminGlobal), whose project Jammin Thru the Global South took him solo on a motorbike across 32 countries. You might remember that Yahoo India covered the final leg of his journey, Jammin Thru India, live every day for 41 days.

My co-host Ankita Mahabir has scratched together this nice little annotated Storify archive of the Twitter chat.

Read, enjoy and share. And stay tuned for our new chat topic, which will be announced later today.

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