Turkish, delighted


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Outside of Turkey, the Middle East is perhaps one of the best places to enjoy Turkish cuisine. From Oman to Dubai to Sharjah, I have nibbled on something Turkish everywhere. But it was in Sharjah that I experienced Turkish delight – not the dessert, but the whole damn course.

Kösebasi, a Turkish restaurant chain with roots in Istanbul, professes to offer authentic south Anatolian cuisine. Die-hard foodies may argue till the cows are smoked and salted, but to my philistine taste-buds, this was Turkish food that deserved second and third helpings. I visited Kösebasi’s newest outlet at Sahara Mall in Sharjah on the first day of my visit. We dined on a fulsome repast and even the vegetarian fare was something to write home about. Here’s a mouthwatering snapshot.

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