Vernal Forecast

Vernal Forecast Digital Ink, 2015

Mad March Hairballs
Digital Ink, 2015

i always find myself
on my mindwalk,
lipreading Braille
on a sunny winter’s day,
walking in circles by the light rail stop,
buying tickets to destinations
travelled in imagination —
far beyond the scope of possibility

waiting for the mountain snow
to feed the river,
fidgeting with birdseed,
scraping away rainmould
to arrange a birthday surprise
for the blossoms of spring

then the tree teeths with spring —
a new menarche —
the early acne of green
on outreaching boughs,
young buds crown
slim grim trees,
the first shrill warbler
to chase away winter’s hounds
and return the thrush’s song
to the bleak yard

a word from you
can dispel this myth
of spring
and strike reality
softly in the face
like a pillow soaking up dreamjuice

please don’t say anything yet

Vernal forecast
February 13, 2001

Inspired on the cusp of Spring at Point Reyes Station, California, on February 13, 2001

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